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6:00 is your time on a thursday morning, september 9. >> good morning. good morning. it is time now traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we start with meteorologist adam caskey. good morning. >> a fantastic morning it is. very refreshing. open up the windows and let the fresh air circulate. let's take a look at the numbers here. arlington at 62. ashburn at 61. frederick even cooler at 56. winchester 57. annapolis, a little bit warmer along the water. 64 degrees. upper 70's for highs. noticeably less humid. tomorrow a lot like today. we have a chance of showers into
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the weekend. >> comfortable as far as interstate travel. beltway travel looks good. we'll take you live into the geico camera. show you the beltway now. close to new hampshire avenue, university boulevard, southbound at shady grove road, looks good. north of the beltway is our final camera northbound 295 to the 149 street bridge running at speed. -- 14th street brain damage. >> our top story is still developing this morning. two women fighting for their lives after a car jumped on to a curb and slammed into the side of a restaurant. this morning there are still more questions than answers. >> it happened in the crowded adams morgan section. pamela brown joins us with the latest. >> charges are pending against female driver of the car. this was quite the scene last
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night. you can see the aftermath of what happened. the debris here in front of the keren restaurant here in adams morgan. the bay window of the restaurant was smashed from impact. authorities are trying to piece together how this happened. the sound of this white car crashing into the front of this popular ethiopian restaurant echoed throughout this busy section of adams morgan. >> a lot of squeaking and tires hitting the curbs and the glass flying. not a pretty scene. >> witnesses watched with horror it is a female driver of the car lost control, ran on to the sidewalk and hit two women before slamming into the restaurant. the two pedestrians, who are in their 20's, were transfered to the hospital with serious injuries. officials say the driver refused to be transported to hospital and was irate as she was being handcuffed. >> coming downtown the speed she was, there was no sense to it.
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>> the crash happened just before 9:00 on wednesday night. restaurants packed with people quickly cleared out after the crash. no patrons were injured but it left many shaken up. >> i was pretty scared. all my tables left period of time -- all my tables left. didn't want to finish the food. >> authorities are still investigating, talking to eyewitness, trying to figure out what factors may have been involved in this crash. again, the two women remain in the hospital. one of them suffering from life-threatening injuries. >> thanks for that report. fairfax county investigators are trying to figure out what led to this serious accident that sent nine people to the hospital. a van and s.u.v. collided at commerce street and lois field drive. so far there is no word on the conditions of the victims. this morning there is more
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opposition to a defiant florida pastor's plan to burn copies of the koran. we have a long list of people speaking out about this. good morning. >> good morning to you. it seems that most of the world is opposed to pastor terry jones' plan to burn copies of the muslim holy book on the 9/11 anniversary or not. jones is not backing down. he says he will begin the burning this saturday, 9/11. plans are bringing about international backlash. government leaders are concerned it will endanger our troops serving abroad and the event itself will be targetted. secretary of state hillary clinton, republican leader john bohner, sarah palin, pat robertson. they are speaking out against it.
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i the imam says like jones, he will move forward with his project. jones leaves a congregation of just about 50 and has received more than 100 death threats. >> thank you very much. president obama hopes action the tax cuts will help jump-start the economy. h wants to allow businesses to write off investments in new plantses and equipment and want the bush tax cuts for individuals earning more than $200,000 and couples making more than $250,000 to expire at the end of the year. the maryland governor's race, g.o.p candidate bob ehrlich and his running mate mary cain will cast their ballots today. the former governor says he doesn't agree early voting but respects the decision and wants
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to support it. he is hoping for a rematch against martin o'mally. a northern virginia man will be at utah supreme court today in hopes of gaining custody of his daughter. john wyat says his daughter was adopted and taken to utah without his permission. his girlfriend gave birth last year without telling him and put emma up for adoption. he says that was in violation of fralt parental kidnapping laws. >> the death toll is growing in texas in the aftermath of tropical storm hermine. two people have died from rain associated with that storm. this comes after a number of dramatic reves like this. firefighters in arlington, texas pulling a woman to safety. check out this dramatic video from dallas. you'll see a tornado forming tearing apart a section of a rail chard. that twister slammed a truck into a warehouse. that was one of several tornados
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that touched down throughout the day. >> wildfires in colorado are burning out of control for a third day and four people are still missing. flames burning destroyed at least 136 homes so far. that makes this the most destructive series of wildfires in colorado history. many of the residents did not evacuate deciding to try to save their homes. >> it is 6:07 on this early thursday morning. outside we have 61 degrees. >> still ahead, are you ready for some football? the first lady hits the gridiron with a message for kids and shocking allegations in the race for d.c. mayor. plus another check of traffic for d.c. mayor. plus another check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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>> breeze out of the northwest today. it will be a little gusty from time to time. up to about 25-mile-per-hour out of the northwest but very low humidity because that northwesterly wind is driving in that cooler, less humid air. take a look at the numbers. in the 50's for the most part, especially in the outlying areas. culpeper at 50. this is your forecast. mostly sunny skies today. high temperatures in the upper 70's. about a 20-degree temperature
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drop compared to what we had yesterday. noticeably more comfortable and cool today. by sunday, we still have a chance of showers. we really could just use a rainy day or two around here. doesn't look like we'll get that. the frontal system moves through on sunday. traffic coming up. >> heads up on the baltimore washington parkway right around here in landover, there is a broken down vehicle inside the beltway southbound on the b.w. parkway close to prince george's hospital. this is live from the geico county, seeing a -- camera seeing a little more action. left side of the screen, delays. a steady pace here springfield and open all the way to the pentagon.
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metro rail first trains out on normal service. >> metro plans to shut down two stations for the columbus day holiday. the yours last from saturday october 8 at 10:00 p.m. until the following tuesday. free shuttle buses will be available to you then. record numbers of people are come coming through b.w.i. that record was driven by southwest airlines, which served more than a million passengers that month alone. passenger traffic has increased for 13 of the past 14 months >> time now is 6:12. it is 16 degrees. >> 61 degrees that is outside. not quite 16. coming up in today's mun scope
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report monoscope. >> it is like i want to take my vote back. >> plus a potential voting scandal days before the d.c. mayoral primary. and new ♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement. and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty.
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cock-a-doodle-dooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ they're fed a nutritious diet including corn, soybeans and marigolds. and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. >> our top story at 6:14. two women were seriously injured when they were hit by a car that slammed into a restaurant in northwest washington. this happened around 9:00 last night at the keren ethiopian restaurant in adams morgan. police have arrested the car's driver and say charges are pending this this case. a florida pastor says he will still go ahead with plans to
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burn copies of the koran on the anniversary to have september 11 attacks as more -- of the september 11 attacks. and the government is on the verge of proposing new rules governing the number of hours airline pilot consist work. this is part of an effort to prevent flight crews making fatal errors. >> we turn now to the race for mayor in d.c. an abc 7 news investigation has uncovered new details in a potential voting scandal just days before the d.c. mayoral primary. a d.c. man voted for incumbent mayor fenty. >> we confronted fenty's spokesman with williams' story. >> if there was a misconception or misunderstanding between you and whomever you spoke to.
6:16 am
>> did you believe they offered you a job? >> yes. >> since early voting began, the fenty campaign has brought early voters to the polls here. >> rudolph williams claim he was duped. >> they bribed us for a vote and never contact us for a job. >> he was with a group of young people in front of his building on north capital last thursday when a van pulled up promising jobs if they got in the van and voted for the mayor. he said he register and voted for the mayor. he never heard back about the job. he called the number they gave him. it went to the fenty headquarters. >> i was promised a job from the fourth through 14th for my vote for mayor fenty. >> unfortunately, i understand how you feel. they had to stop at a certain number because they had too many people. >> that is not how we operate. we would never ever promise anything of any value to anybody
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in exchange of support of the mayor. >> williams says he is so angry now he wants his vote back. >> now that i didn't even receive any money or didn't even have a job, it is like i want to take my vote back. >> we asked the head of the board of elections to investigate further and he told us that indeed last thursday at 2:29 p.m. williams voted here. >> so we spoke with fenty's opponent vince gray about these allegations. he said he had not heard the accusation that the fenty campaign promised one person for a job for their vote but the if they did that, it is just plain rong. >> it is morally republic henceable and it is illegal and they should be prosecuted. i think whenever there are such allegations they have to be taken seriously. >> the d.c. board of elections
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would not comment. the board's general council said it had not heard anything but if the allegation proves true, it would, in fact, be illegal. coming up, more bad news for mayor fenty and who he is now asking for help. >> in today's moneyscope, tarnish on mcdonald's golden arches. >> good morning. in today's moneyscope report, job openings rise for the first time since april. the number of jobs advertised rose more than 6% since july. many experts think the unemployed don't have the stills to fill those openings. making it harder to bring down unemployment rate. we cut back on credit card use for the third time in recent months. toys r us is taking advantage of
6:19 am
vacant mall space opening 600 temporary stores for the holidays. they are hiring 10,000 workers to staff them. mcdonald's hamburgers got a failing grade in a recent online survey out of consumer reports. it was voted least delicious. five guys and in and out burgers were the favorites. >> it is 6:19. 61 degrees. i was saying earlier that it was chilly. adam was laughing at me but it is all relative. not like what we had this wirpt but it is still cool -- winter but it is still cool compared to the summer. >> yesterday 96 for a high. it does feel kind of chilly. i wasn't laughing at you. i was laughing with you. i promise. compared to what we had this summer, the hottest summer on record. now that we're getting into september, we're getting these comfortable september cold
6:20 am
fronts. they are more progressive than the ones we get in the summer. they mean business. that is obviously not a live picture. let me click -- there is the live picture. total sunshine anticipated today with just a few scattered clouds this afternoon. the cold front that moved through yesterday really is drawing in that cooler, dryer less humid air and will continue to do so today. today cooler than what we had yesterday by a 15-20 degrees. reagan national 66 degrees. that's the warm spot. potomac at 56. culpeper 59. most outlying areas you can see here we're in the 50's. annapolis 61. yesterday 96 the high temperature at reagan national. the average now 81. the record high today is 98. i think we'll be below average for high temperatures later today and into tomorrow. a slight warming trend towards
6:21 am
the end of the weekend but we'll warm up with pretty much average conditions for this time of year. remnants of hermine in midsections of the country. lots of sunshine, upper 70's today. low 80's by sunday with a chance of showers. back to lisa. >> well, i have a couple of things to show everyone now, adam caskey. let's go to news chopper 7. we're going to go aloft and take you to an accident at richie marl borrow road. getting by on the shoulder. now we go to gaithersburg, maryland next with an accident on montgomery village avenue at rockville. ok, apparently that camera is not working. why is that? there we go. how about this. gaithersburg, maryland. there we go. montgomery, all traffic coming south.
6:22 am
on rockville pike. back to the news desk. >> that is getting really messy there. lisa, thank you very much. 6:21 the time outside. >> next, the first lady plays a little football. we'll tell you about michelle o bam i've's latest efforts -- obama's latest efforts to keep things fit. >> and naomi campbell will be on "oprah" today. this kenmore elite multi-motion washer...
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with our appliance trade in program. sears.
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>> look at first lady michelle obama taking her campaign against childhood obesity out to the football field. she was in new orleans yesterday to promote her let's move campaign. the event took place 24 hours before the start of the nfl season pitting the world champion saints against the vikings. >> we want you guys to grow up strong an healthy because the truth is that you can be smart, you can be funny but if you're not in good health, it is going to be a hard road to go. >> so the first lady told children they cannot live on soda and chips. they have to eat fruits and vegetables. good advice. >> important lesson. >> well, you may want to take a tape measure next time you go shopping for pants. >> that's right.
6:26 am
your wants might actually be deceiving you. "esquire" magazine found many pants tend to add length in the waistline. it is called vanity sizing. the worst offender is old neey whose 36 inch dress pants are actually 41 inches. >> whoa! >> so you feel like you're wearing a size 4 when you're really wearing a size 8 i guess. >> and you want to keep going back to that store because that makes you feel better about yourself. >> makes perfect sense to me. >> still another half-hour ahead. >> coming up, trading state stores for transportation? how selling booze could make the morning drive a little more smooth. >> and will he back down? good morning. i'm courtney robinson live in the satellite center. >> meteorologist adam caskey.
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if the past few days were too >> meteorologist adam caskey. if the past few days were too warm for you, i t i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my chi education. it's cool how the union makes it almo impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dcchers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions.
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>> straight ahead this half-hour. fighting for their lives. two women suffer serious injuries after a runaway car slaps into a restaurant. good morning to you. >> we'll have much more on that developing story in just a moment but we want to begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. gorgeous shot there. it is chilly. 61 degrees. that is my word of the morning. >> we're calling it chilly. some of the temperatures in the 50's and low 60's. compared to the warmest summer on record. >> it is a jeans day.
6:31 am
kids going to school, put on your favorite pair of jeans. it is comfortable outside. this afternoon is going to be cooler than what we had yesterday. hague rstown, 66. very low humidity. a little breezy as well today. that will make it feel cooler. 78 the high temperature. mostly sunny skies. the average by the way is 81. into the weekend, we'll warm up a little bit. low 80's by sunday. we could use a rainy day but it just looks like a slight chance. >> we're saturated with vehicles now along 66, 95 and 395. we'll take you to the trip. looking at the slowdown that begins past duke street up to seminary road. looks like someone getting a ticket in the h.o.v. lanes. >> let's go to the chopper flying in prince georges county,
6:32 am
maryland. the exit ramp looks like from the beltway to route 4. >> hey, lisa, thank you very much. our top story this morning, two women were seriously hurt this morning when a car went up a sidewalk into a restaurant. pam rala brown joins with us the latest. >> those two women remain in the hospital this morning. one with life-threatening injuries. a car ran over the sidewalk, rammed into them and then plowed into the front of keren restaurant here in adams morgan. the women were transported to the hospital. one was in critical condition as of last night. there were patrons inside the restaurant at the time of the
6:33 am
crash. fortunately none were injured. the driver refused to be transported for treatment and she was irate while being handcuffed. charges are pending against driver at this hour. this morning officials are trying to piece together how this happened. they are looking into a number of factors trying figure out if speed was a possible factor in this crash. that's the latest. back to you. are >> nine people people were taken to a hospital when a car and s.u.v. crashed. at this point there is no word on condition of the victims or what might have caused this crash. >> we are just two days away from the nine-year anniversary of 9/11. this morning local muslims are speaking out about that controversial plan to burn copies of the koran.
6:34 am
courtney robinson has more. >> these local leaders are trying to help groups of all faith understand the koran and dispel rumors about the muslim text. around the world there is pressure on this florida pastor to stop the burning, but those plans are in motion and it seems, won't be stopped. >> on the ninth anniversary of september 11, some plan to remember in a different way. >> our burning of the koran is to call the attention that something is wrong. >> this saturday pastor terry jones plans to burn copies of the muslim holy book. a plan he will not cancel despite government concerns it could endanger groups serving abroad. >> a pastor in gainsville, florida with a church of no more than 50 people can make this
6:35 am
outrageous and disstressful, disgraceful plan and get, you know, the world's attention. there are planned burning does have the attention of the metro region. last night a local muslim leader gathered those of many faiths in silver spring to dispel myths about the koran. >> this one group of christians is going to burn a book that talks so much about jesus christ. >> the imam says like jones he will not back down. >> if we move from that location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse. >> as you saw and heard, both religious and political leaders are speaking out against the burning. according to jones, he is carry a gun after getting more than 100 death threats. >> thank you for that report.
6:36 am
president obama is hoping that tax cuts will help jump-start the economy and create new jobs. of the he wants to allow businesses to write off investments in plants and equipment. he wants to extend some of the bush tax credits, tax cuts at the end of the year as well. >> virginia governor bob mcdonald wants to sell virginia's state-owned liquor stores to fund highway prompts. he said that would generate up to $5 million. some residents worry more liquor stores would lead to more alcoholism. >> more money but we will also have some problems with more consumption. >> they don't seem to know how to generate revenue any other way so why not let moms and pops own the liquor stores. tax them and get money for our road. they need to be fixed. >> opposition is already brewing
6:37 am
from restaurants, the wine and beer industry and also conservative churches. >> when "good morning washington" continues, the ultimate endorsement. d.c.'s mayor is asking for help from the white house.
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new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. >> hi, i'm adam green. we're in front of the shakes
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spear theater company. we'll be performing "all's well that ends well." come check us out. >> cirque du soleil's new show opens today at national harbor. >> it is called obo. it focuses on a group of eggs. "ovo." it features a trapeze act in which six artists soar 40 feet into the air. >> let's check with adam caskey on the latest of this refreshing morning. how does it feel? >> very refreshing. that is the key word today. noticeably cooler than what we had yesterday morning.
6:41 am
this afternoon the same thing as well. much cooler than yesterday. 15-20 degrees. madison 54. along with martinsburg. in the district, we're checking in at 61. we will head up to the upper 70's period of time yesterday the mid point that. what a different a cold front will make. a little breezy. mostly sunny skies. a lot of sunshine through saturday. added closed on sunday could bring with them just a few showers. we could use the rain. it doesn't look like we'll pick up that much but we are expecting a few showers. back to lisa. >> we have a broken down dump truck on the framp the interloop to pennsylvania avenue. -- ramp. virginia is loaded up on 66.
6:42 am
look at 95 northbound. the headlight. 395 more of the same but everything open in virginia. let's go back inside. >> thank you. your time now is 6:41. >> time now for today's politico minute. >> if congress should switch hands, what is first on the agenda? we have the answer to that. so the planning has begun, it appears, jim if >> they have been having discussions in private what would it look like if they were to win the majority. it has centered on three different things. overall it is spending, using the subpoena power for an investigation into the white house. when you get down to the policy nuggets, they are trying to pull back funding in implementation of some parts of the health care bill and there is talk about repeeling the whole thing but they know it is nonsense and they could never get it done with obama in the white house. they are talking about taking
6:43 am
some of the stimulus money that has not been spent and not spending it. an original idea. this whole notion of trying to take the tax cuts that are supposed to expire, make sure they are in place for years to come. the base is going to feel fired up, hey, we have won these seats. let's go get them. they know when they look at polls, the party's health is unpopular. they have to do something for their image so in 2012, they can start to rehab the republican brand. >> these are meetings happening secretly within the g.o.p to talk about what if. publicly we have the president and john bohner attacking each other publicly. >> he is not known by most americans. if he were known he would be a great poster boy in democrats minds to run against. he looks like he was born in a
6:44 am
corporate board room. a business-looking guy. they say it is going to be a return to the bush years, all about helping the rich. it is a tough strategy because nobody knows who he is outside of washington. there is probably a lot of people in washington that don't know who he is. it is a tough task. >> always good to see you. >> have a good day day. >> your time now is 6:44. >> 62 degrees outside. we'll ta
6:45 am
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6:47 am
washington. it happened about 9:00 last night at the keren ethiopian restaurant. charges are pending in this case. opposition continues to build for those plans by a florida church pastor to burn copies of the koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. even with the controversy, he says he still intends to go through with that event on saturday. b.p.'s report on the oil rig explosion, it said mistakes and failures by transocean and halliburton led to the spill. those companies are disputing the findings. >> time now is 6:47. we are just five days away from the district's primary election and it is looking like a long road ahead, though, for the city's incumbent mayor. adrian fenty is not throwing in
6:48 am
the towel. instead, he is looking for help from the big guns. >> that's right. new numbers show mayor fenty is trailing his chief rival opponent chairman vincent gray. this new poll shows that gray is leading fenty by seven percentage points among likely voters. it sayes they 14% of voters are still undecided. the poll has a margin of error avenue plus or minus 4%. if he wanty is looking for help from the white house. according to wpop, he called the white house asking president obama to endorse if he wanty before the primary. the winner of that -- fenty before the primary. this is not the only poll we have seen where fenty has been said to be trailing gray. in five more days voters will be able to cast their ballots in
6:49 am
this race. >> turning to battleground, maryland. a judge ordered the distribution of fake ballots in prince georges county to stop. the ballots feature endorsements that were never made. they have been handed out by a group called citizens for change. it is said that that group does not exist. a southeast d.c. family wants to know why it took so long to get help for a dying child. family members flagged down an officer after 4-month-old aniyah stopped breathing. by the time aniyah made it to the hospital, she was dead. a neighborhood is on edge after a woman was violently attacked at a bus stop yesterday morning near the intersection of fran coin road and la vista drive.
6:50 am
she said she was grabbed from behind and sexually assaulted. >> more than 300 schools nationwide will be honored for high achievement. arnie duncan will announce the winners this morning at d.c.'s school without walls. >> time now for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam, it is unusual to need a sweater in the morning, but it is one of those days. >> long sleeves and a jacket wouldn't hurt outside. and also tomorrow morning. that's what we get from a september cold front. they have the cooler temperatures. they draw in that cooler air. fun to track them and feel them the next morning. i get excited about the september cold fronts. there is a beautiful shot of the day early this morning with the sun coming up over the horizon dounts. looks good. dew point of only 46.
6:51 am
55 now at reagan national. it is comfortable. it is a refreshing morning. arlington tone, 63. ash ford, 61. bowie, clarksburg at 66. we topped out at 96 yesterday at reagan national. that made it the 62nd 90-degree day of the year. today will be about 15 degrees cooler than what we had yesterday. notice remnants of hermine in the country. it could drop some rain on us by sunday. until then, high and dry and very comfortable. a lot cooler today. low humidity. a little breezy, though. high temperature of about 78. the average now is 81. actually a few degrees below average today and tomorrow and maybe saturday as well. near 80 on saturday. the sunshine today in this the early part of the weekend.
6:52 am
adding clouds sunday. with the chance for a few showers. i don't think that is going to be a washout. we could use a rainy day around here. low 80's. not bad. that is average for this time of year. low 80's sunday into the early part of next week. lisa, what do you have? >> unhappy campers leaving the interloop. you can see the broken down truck. it is difficult to get around it. we go live to georgia avenue. you can see traffic, heavy volume on the outer loop side but still moving at a good pace.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
>> for the president, it has been a tough summer. the economy. politics. now in his first summer interview, he takes on george step stephanopoulos. >> if you want to look better to the ladies, just dance well. english scientists have the data to prove it. they had 19 guys dance for the cameras and then animated their groove. >> according to the panel of women, good dancers incorporate a lot of variable movement.
6:56 am
they were rated attractive. vulgar displace demonstrate virility. there is john tra volta, m.c. hammer typewriter. i wish everyone could have seen adam. >> he has moves. he has moves. >> i wouldn't call it virility. >> another person with moves. lisa, always good for a dance with us. we're going to dance right over to the cameras, ladies, and look first of all in maryland and virginia, in the geico camera. one of each for your dining and dancing pleasure. quickly we go to maryland where traffic seems to be handling its own at 270. dancing over to adam caskey. >> i thought you were about to sing "mm-bop."
6:57 am
highs in the upper 70's. feeling good. a chance of showers sunday. >> that's it for "good morning washington" this morning. ->( music playing )ood morning - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other.
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